** Muchmore’s will be closed for the remainder of March 2019. We plan to assess the situation and provide an update as things unfold closer to the end of the month. Running an arts venue is a precarious undertaking even in the best of times, and careful thought was put into how this will affect our staff and community. We hope you will join us when we reopen following the guidance of the healthcare professionals.
If you would like to donate to our staff during the shutdown we have setup a GoFundMe page here: Muchmore's Staff Donations

Wishing the best for everyone,

Muchmore’s is a performance space, bar and coffeehouse in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. We host events every night of the week, from live music and comedy to improv, film screenings, performance art, and life drawing on the weekends. We pride ourselves on providing a stage for off-beat events and experimental arts.

We are a beer & wine bar offering a selection of premium drinks including sake, soju cocktails, and savory snacks. We also provide free wifi and outdoor seating. We welcome you to catch a show, have a drink, meet your neighbors, and make our space your home away from home.


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Muchmore’s has two event slots 7 nights/week: 6:00-8:30pm and 9pm-midnight (1am on Friday and Saturday). The early slot is great for smaller shows, spoken word events, and open mics. The later slot is great for concerts and larger events requiring a sound tech.

To book a show e-mail with a night of programming (i.e. full music bill) 1-2 months out and a date of your choosing (the more flexibility the better). The venue capacity is 75 and weekend events should fill the house.

- 1 Fender Hot Rod Deluxe IV guitar amp
- 1 Fender Hot Rod Deluxe guitar amp
- 1 Fender Rumble 200 bass amp
- Drum shell kit with hardware (ex. snare, cymbals, pedal, hi hat clutch, etc.)
- Mackie ProFX16v2 16 channel board
- QSC K12.2 mains and two stage monitors
- Behringer 18 in. Active Subwoofer
- 2 microphones


2 Havemeyer St. at N. 9th
p. 718-576-3222

Mon-Fri 5PM to Close
Sat-Sun Noon to Close

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NOTICE: Muchmore's is a venue for original music only. If you book a show here, you must play only your own original content. Any violations of the Copyright Act can result in civil liability of up to $100,000 per song, and hundreds of lawsuits are filed each year due to unauthorized performances of copyrighted works.